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My Story

Don’t you just love that feeling right as you’re sinking your teeth into an unexpected treat, and how the stress of whatever is pressing simply fades? What I truly love about scrumptious moments like these, is that we can all find common ground within them. I hope to inspire you to take time out of your day and enjoy a sweet moment!

My favorite memories seems to always revolve around food. I was about four or five years old when I got my first taste for baking thanks to my most beloved nineties Christmas present, my easy bake oven. Can you say, the I loved the fact that I could make my very own Shareena cakes from scratch. My cakes came out burnt  but I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my creations.

When I was twelve, I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies using a real oven. My cookies came out perfect and tasted like bliss; I was hooked. The aroma brought my siblings scrambling to the kitchen. My father's approval and pat on the back had me beaming.

Since then I've fine-tuned my baking skills and elevated my technique through culinary school. With this experience and my passion for tasty treats, the Maddy was born. A unique and delicate, florentine-inspired wafer that creates a perfect bite and memorable moment to share. The Maddy is available, order online!

For me, my common ground with others lies in the idea of home. As an adopted child, I never truly felt at home until I created one for myself on a beautiful, tree-lined street in Denver, Colorado. It was there that I decided to make my dream a reality, by sharing my love for baking with the world. Two years later, I’ve found myself in the Big Apple making things happen. But no matter where life takes me, I will never forget my first, true home on Madison Street.

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