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Summer Treat

This hot weather has me craving a sweet light treat that does not require me to turn on the oven. I find the perfect answer strawberries with a balsamic reduction, hand whipped cream topped with fresh basil maybe paired with a nicely chilled Riesling. Yummy!

This is my easy go to sweet treat to make when looking to be simple yet still impress.

1.    Strawberries/Sweet cherries (Mix berries look lovely as well)

2.    Simple Balsamic Reduction
Just about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan over medium - low heat and reduce, reduce, reduce. Keep a watchful eye on your reduction it should only a few minutes. Psst, your reduction will continue to reduce when off of the heat.

3.    Whipped cream (Softened Mascarpone cheese if you are feeling fancy)
I like to put my whisk and bowl in the freezer before hand to get a nice chill on them this helps keep the cream cold. Psst, use a metal bowl and whisk.


1 cup of Heavy whipping cream, 2Tbs of sugar then whisk it. “Now whip it, into shape, shape it up”, Devo. (WHAT, I am an 80’s baby sorry not sorry) I hand whisk (only because it makes me feel cool)

 Feel free to pull out that handheld beater. You are looking for stiff peaks.

4.    Fresh Julienned Basil
Stack about 3-4 basil leafs on top of one another and roll it like sushi then chop it short ways.

5.    Assemble, then enjoy! So good!