Madison Street Bakehouse

Madison Street Bakehouse will add a small bite of bliss to your day. 

Keeping up with the Maddy


(Seinfeld anyone)

So, I finally launched my online store!  I want to THANK YOU all for the support. I am a LOT a bit new to this "blog" thing but here goes nothing... again. I have had an opportunity to do fun new things like partner with an amazing personal chef and help her with some intimate cocktail parties. It's a great way for me to practice some of my culinary skills, meet people, make cocktails, and of course, share The Maddy! 

Personalized gifts that include The Maddy, starter kit for a French 75 and some bubbles

 I am looking forward to sharing my journey while I navigate launching Madison Street Bakehouse, discovering NYC and all the deliciousness along the way.  REMEMBER , keep following your bliss.