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Madison Street Bakehouse will add a small bite of bliss to your day. 

Keeping up with the Maddy

It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line. ~Erma Bombeck

Writing one of the many blog post that HAS NOT BEEN POSTED and NEWSLETTERS.



Remember to Follow your Bliss!

   Since I made the decision to pursue my passion for creating bites of blissful moments , and living the lifestyle I would like. I have been working like a wild woman! Endless researching and searching for opportunities to grow my business. I think for a lot of us we live by the mantra "work hard, play hard", Lately mine has been "work hard, work harder".  

 A day after a sleepless night. 

A day after a sleepless night. 

The funny thing is that no matter how many sleepless nights I have. I never feel like I am working quite hard enough or rather that it is paying off.  Which as you can image has it's frustrations and of course it's breakdowns. I am sure that not sleeping is an aid to this. Oh ,but come on we all feel like we are getting shit done when we skip a little sleep or maybe that's just me.